Modular, AI-powered
Digital Identity Solutions
Capture every customer with speed and confidence.

BINGO is a collection of biometrics and credential verification tools with industry-leading speed and precision, making online onboarding, KYC, and background checks effortless for everyone.
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Verify once, trusted everywhere.
BINGO connects offline and online persona, powering a single, dynamic digital identity that evolves with us.
Passive Face
BINGO instantly detects spoofing attacks and verifies liveness without requiring users to move their head or perform any actions, all thanks to its state-of-the-art passive anti-spoofing AI technology.

Spare your users the hassle; our AI gets it done in a snap.
user-focus-iconWatertight Security
Robust protection against presentation attacks, including print photo, on-screen photo, video replay, deepfakes, and masks.
BINGO confirms liveness in just 1 second (your competitors are still making their users move their heads and do backflips).
Passive Face<br />Anti-Spoofing
Face Matching
BINGO authenticates the ownership of the submitted ID document by running a face match between the ID photo and the user's live selfie, blocking identity fraud in real-time.
Extensively-trained face recognition AI that adapts to changes in appearance caused by age, lighting, and other common factors.
Instant matching in less than 1 second — faster than a human agent’s second glance.
Selfie-to-ID<br />Face Matching
Remote Passport Validation
BINGO performs instant screening on the passport to check whether it is issued by a bonafide authority and if any data shown on the passport has been tampered with.
Passport validation on BINGO follows the United Nations' mandate for international border control.
The validation process does not involve exchange of personal data on the passport, ensuring data privacy.
Remote Passport Validation
Automated Data Extraction and Entry
BINGO automatically extracts data from the submitted ID document and pre-fills the form for submission, sparing your users the trouble and error of manual data entry.
Powered by advanced OCR models that support various types of documents and layouts, including passports, national IDs, and more.
Skip the tedious typing — simply review and submit.
Automated Data Extraction and Entry
Use Cases Across Industries
Use Cases 01
In the high-stakes world of investment, BINGO provides a powerful due diligence solution for seamless, privacy-preserving KYC & KYB, enhancing compliance and boosting investor confidence.
Use Cases 02
Retail Banking
Retail Banking
BINGO accelerates customer onboarding through secure, automated eKYC, leveraging reusable credentials for a more efficient, confident banking experience.
Use Cases 03
Human Resources
Human Resources
BINGO can serve as a versatile HR platform, streamlining processes from background checks to staff onboarding to HR data management. 
Use Cases 04
BINGO powers the digital identity in modern healthcare, streamlining patient onboarding, patient profiles management, and digital data privacy.
Blazing-fast Onboarding at Your Fingertips
Ready for lightning speed onboarding with rock-solid certainty? Contact us now.
BINGO On-Demand
BINGO On-Demand
No subscription, no strings attached – great for ad hoc needs
Basic onboarding – Free
Simple verification – Free
Moderate verification – From US$0.33
Compliance – From US$0.99
BINGO Enterprise
BINGO Enterprise
A custom solution that is built to your exact requirements
Flexible modules and unlimited usage
White-labeling and UI/UX customisation
API integration
Mobile app SDKs and web integration
Built-in data compliance protocols
Crypto KYC and AML
Advanced features and functionalities